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Strategic Income Tax Planning

Hand writing with other business people in backgroundIt pays to plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

Tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process. By making tax planning part of your overall business strategy, you can use our experience and access to the most current new developments in the tax laws to minimize both your current and future tax liabilities.

At SBTS, LLC we're not just number crunchers or bookkeepers.  Anyone can fill in the blanks on a tax return.  Our philosophy is based on the notion that tax preparers should plan year-round, and not simply at year-end. We go beyond matters of tax compliance and work with our clients on an ongoing basis to maximize tax saving opportunities.

We’ve been able to provide clients with many financial returns through our proactive and strategic tax planning consultations. Now a standard planning practice, our professional periodic consultations give clients an opportunity to plan ahead of their required tax remittances in any given year and for certain circumstances.

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We specialize in:

  • Tax Planning
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • State Income Tax & Franchise Tax Returns
  • Individuals

Our Client Profiles

Our company primarily structures businesses and prepares taxes for small to mid-size companies of numerous industries.  We primarily focus on privately held business and entrepreneur clients in the medical, real estate, financial, retail and professional services industries nationwide.